Statement from Koster for Missouri [10/12/16]:

“The Attorney General’s office has rarely broken from MHDC recommendations. In fact, most votes have been unanimous by all MHDC officers, including Lt. Governor Peter Kinder. Any allegations the Attorney General has acted inappropriately are completely false, without merit and merely an attempt by Republicans to deflect from the complete lack of transparency by Eric Greitens.

“Greitens shrouds his largest contributor in secrecy, breaks his own ethics proposal by accepting money from contributors on trial for bribery, and refuses to release his tax returns. The real question is, what is Eric hiding?”

“Attorney General Koster has implemented the strongest conflict-of-interest policy of any Attorney General in the country to remove even the appearance of impropriety. This policy has led to the refunding or returning of more than $115,000 since its implementation. At the same time, Eric Greitens can’t even adhere to the basic ethics policy he has proposed – taking money from men under federal investigation for bribery and malfeasance on Wall Street.”

Every Year Koster Was On The Board Of MHDC There Was A Unanimous Approval Of The Budget – Republican Peter Kinder Was On MHDC For Every Vote. The Vast Majority Of MHDC Votes Were Unanimous On A Wide Range Of Issues.

2010 Budget Unanimous (7-0)

2011 Budget Unanimous (8-0)

2012 Budget Unanimous (6-0)

2013 Budget Unanimous (7-0)

2014 Budget Unanimous (7-0)

2015 Budget Unanimous (6-0)

2016 Budget Unanimous (7-0)

2017 Budget Unanimous (7-0)

Among Just His Largest 100 Donations, Greitens Has Received Nearly $900,000 From Real Estate Investor And Developers. [Missouri Ethics Comission, Accessed 10/12/16]